Elisa Lafuente

Elisa Lafuente, who was born and brought up in Spain, found artistic inspiration in the Lakes and Dales, settled in Kirkby Lonsdale and is exhibiting her paintings at Farfield Mill, Sedbergh this summer. Her website is www.emlafuente.com.

Elisa said: “The open countryside inspires me for my work and the super-fast internet connection in the area means I can enjoy the peace here at the same time as being connected with the rest of the world.

“I started painting as a child, copying my mother during scorching summers in Spain. From 1990, while majoring in law, I continued my painting studies at various Madrid art schools. At university I was submerged in Buddhist meditation and after graduating, continued to study the mind in different ways through psychology and yoga. This interest is always reflected in my painting, mixing the external images with my feelings, dreams and memories.

“From 2001 I integrated my interests in sharing yoga and meditation with the public by running my own health and wellbeing centre, at the same time continuing to learn and paint with various Spanish artists and exhibiting in numerous collective exhibitions.

“Most recently my paintings are inspired by the north English landscapes, while mixing with the Mediterranean colours of my background. To paint is my inner need to look for balance and harmony both inside me and in the picture. This process is continually developing, letting the painting talk to me, listening and trying not to interfere too much, while searching for the point that is just in balance between the painting and myself. When this happens, it is a delight that both fills and empties space at the same time.

“My wish is that those viewing my paintings can experience at least a small piece of this enjoyment!”

Elisa Lafuente