Jess Prince – 42 Degrees

If you’re wondering where the name 42 Degrees came from and what the festival is all about, they perfectly sum up their ethos here: Sunlight strikes raindrops from all angles. But there’s one that’s different, one that produces a rainbow: 42 degrees. From here, the light scatters into the colours we love, and each rainbow is unique to whoever sees it. This is a beautiful parallel with how we enjoy music and the arts; while these experiences are shared, every person takes away something unique.

42 Degrees Music and Arts Festival is a weekend to celebrate the diversity of these experiences. Run by 24 volunteers, each sharing a love for what music and the arts has brought them. They celebrated a special inaugural year in 2021 and can’t wait to welcome you back to The Lakes very soon!

Jess’s background is far cry from event management with her main job being in the medical field, however she has a strong passion for the arts, events and bringing communities together thus 42 Degrees was born. Jess is backed by a strong team of volunteers who are working tirelessly alongside their main jobs to bring this sustainable festival weekend together and their passion and dedication is something to be admired! If the first festival is anything to go by, everyone’s in for a wonderful weekend full of music, art, love and eco-friendly fun!

Go to to learn more about 42 Degrees Festival, buy tickets for the next event or even apply to play.

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