Zanna Dennis

Zanna Dennis is having a positive impact on young people across the North of England through dance.

From a farming background, Zanna lives near Bentham, where her father is the local livestock auctioneer. Her passion is using dance and creativity to educate and empower young people and she has been entrepreneurial in making sure she can do both in the place she loves.

Zanna was inspired towards a career in dance at school and went on to study it at university. She trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance and majored in Dance in Education, completing a six-week teaching placement working with teenage girls with emotional and behavioural difficulties, graduating in 2010.

She said: “I came home after uni and started teaching a variety of community dance classes plus freelance work in schools, communities and special education settings. As a practitioner I’m particularly interested in community dance, creating outdoor-sited performance work & developing young leaders.”

Zanna started Blue Moose Dance Company in 2015 with Sarah Hall. This has led to a wide-ranging programme of community, educational and youth dance provision.

Zanna Dennis by Stephen Garnett