Upcoming events

We feel the staging of a live festival this year would not be the right thing to do, as such all Aerial live events in 2020 will no longer be going ahead.

Instead we will be presenting an exciting and diverse array of brand new commissions, all available on our website for free.

Rethink the countryside.

An international rural film festival postponed until 2021, join us next year to celebrate the best of rural films.

Past events

A free, collaborative, online workshop designed for young people aged 17 to 35 years old, who live and/or work in the Lakes and Dales and will support the creative, business and cultural sectors to shape the post-COVID world.


May 2019 - February 2020

A Future for Culture

Professional Development Programme

An innovative and exciting professional development programme for cultural organisations based in the area

11 December 2019

Innovate Your Offer

Workshop for creatives, cultural organisations and businesses

Explore how businesses, cultural organisations and young creatives can work together in future

5 Dec 2019 @ 2pm

Collective North

Dialogue in Practice

Open chat session for creatives. Tassos Stevens from Coney & Art Doctors: Liz Stirling & Alison McIntyre will be joining us.

Watch This Space

Oct / Nov 2019

A GPLD pilot project. We're using public spaces for culture, a 48 hour takeover in four selected venues in the Lakes and Dales.

7 Nov 2019 @ 2pm

Collective North

Play in Practice

Open chat session for creatives. Robbie Wilson, Dan Barnard and David Hayward will be joining us.

27 - 29 September 2019

Creative Residential Weekend - Settle


A space to develop ideas, skills, knowledge, confidence and networks to inspire the next stage of your creative career.

3 October 2019 @ 2pm

Collective North

Funding for Creatives

Open chat session, discussing funding options for creatives with Kristyna Baczynski, Rachel Dobbs and Dana Segal. Via the Collective North Slack space.

5 September 2019 @ 2pm

Collective North

Cultural action & activism

Open chat session for creatives. We'll be talking about action and activism in relation to culture with Eelyn Lee from the Social Art Network, Andy Robson from Film Hub North, Benjamin Sebastian from ]performance space[ & Annie Nelson from Yoke.

1 August 2019 @ 2pm

Collective North

Live chat about Space for Culture

Open chat session for creatives, talking about the different ways we can use space for culture. With guests Ruth Levene, David Hayward & Alison Kennedy. Via Collective North on Slack.

4 July 2019 @ 2pm

Collective North

Live chat about collaboration

Open chat session for creatives with guests Jean McEwan from Wur Bradford, Ryan McLeod from Agency of None & Steve Dearden. Via the Collective North Slack space.

6 June 2019 @ 2pm

Collective North

Live Q&A about Podcasting

Open chat session for creatives with guests Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer from the HP Literary Podcast. Via Collective North on Slack.

16 - 19 May 2019

Hinterlands Rural Film Festival

Celebrating rural film in dramatic ways across the landscapes of the Lakes and Dales

22 - 23 November 2018

Creative Connections

Great Place Lakes & Dales conference exploring the power of placemaking and creativity