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Beth and Maisie from Fresh Perspective work on socially distanced plans_no credit

Are you on TikTok? Come and see how people in the Lakes and Dales are getting creative, what they are inspired by and what they are open to on our TikTok channel @greatplacelakesdales and look out for opportunities to get involved! TikTok is about having fun and there’s also a big arts following with videos using #art gaining a total of 63.7 billion views and #artchallenge 2.4 billion. That means this is a great place to engage younger people with arts and culture, so please do encourage others to follow us.

If you’re from Skipton and the surrounding area then head over to Facebook and join the private Fresh Perspective Facebook Group. Fresh Perspective is a community group funded by Great Place: Lakes and Dales and founded by the programme in collaboration with young people, it’s now run entirely by them! It aims to try and test new ways to represent young people in and around Skipton. If you’re a young person this is the place to suggest new things and find out about events. If you don’t consider yourself “young” but have opportunities that might be of interest to younger people then please do join and use the space to promote them!

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