End of my GPLD chapter


I’ve worked as the Programme Officer for Great Place Lakes and Dales for nearly four years and in that time not only have I learnt how to do things I never thought I would do, but the whole programme has learnt so much that can now inform what happens next and help others from across the UK and beyond try to tackle some of the same issues as us in their own place.
Coming to the end of the first chapter of GPLD means we’ve had time to reflect on what we’ve achieved and look back at what we might have done differently.

The bit of the GPLD programme that excites me the most and has kept my enthusiasm alive is that it encourages everyone to just give things a go, dive in, trust, be brave and don’t be scared of failure because we’ll learn from whatever happens.

I’m so proud to have worked on this programme, to have been a member of its dedicated and knowledgeable team, to have worked with some incredibly talented partners and to have met some inspirational young creatives who will play such an important role in the area’s future.

At the end of this first chapter of the programme, it’s now time for me to move on to a new role and to benefit from the changes it’s influencing. I can already see the change that’s happened since I moved to Yorkshire in 2017 and I’m looking forward to seeing future transformations which GPLD will no-doubt be at the heart of. I’ll continue to give things a go, dive in, trust, be brave and not be scared of failure in the next chapter of my career and look back at my time with GPLD with fond memories.

Thank you.
Manon x

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