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A group of award-winning local young filmmakers and artists came together for a Hinterlands Fringe event at the Plaza Cinema in Skipton on the 31st of August. Funded by Skipton HSHAZ and managed by GPLD, this free event was the culmination of a month-long festival of culture and heritage activity in the town.

Featured on the night was a host of talented filmmakers and creatives, including Billy White; Clementine Bogg-Hargroves; The Yorkshire Edit (Dawn Feather); Juliet Klottrup; Sarah Smout, Ruth Garret (Kittiwake Productions) and a piece from young people from SELFA who attended a creative workshop run by the Knotted Project, both commissioned for the Skipton Now Festival.

As part of the film event, Beatrice Benn, a young film and media student From Skipton Girls High School, who is currently undertaking a film and screen industries work placement with GPLD is meeting with each filmmaker to review their work and practice and is currently writing profiles on each. Below is her review of Juliet Klottrup’s work but keep your eyes peeled for more to come.

Youth of the Rural North, Klottrup’s most recent short film, is a compassionately rendered documentary providing small vignettes into the lives of young people around the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria. It celebrates the value of the countryside and natural world to the young people who live within them, a diverse range of characters, from farmer to poet. This empathetic lens is evident throughout Klottrup’s artistry; often placing a focus on communities, but always in conjunction with the natural world.

Moving to the Dales at the age of 18, Klottrup describes the area as inspirational and unique, allowing her creative passion to unfold through a variety of media, including film, photography, and painting. The rural landscape isn’t coincidentally where her artistic focus is placed, but a key part of her work as she notes that, “there’s something really freeing about being immersed in vast open natural landscape.” She has garnered an individual style through her photography and filmmaking, working mostly with analogue film cameras that create a timeless and distinguished appearance.

On creating Youth of the Rural North, which was presented alongside 12 other films at Hinterlands’ Rural Film Showcase in August 2023, Klottrup notes how she “met so many inspiring local young people since starting the project who have rekindled [her] appreciation and adoration for the surrounding area.” Klottrup’s passion radiates through this film as a clear relationship is felt between filmmaker and subject, with a lens that lingers on smiling faces and finds a purity in their onscreen presence.

An award-winning filmmaker, and understandably so, Juliet Klottrup’s vast collection of artistic work can be found on her website:

And don’t miss Juliet’s new solo show, ‘Light and Land’ at Cross Lane Projects in Kendal from the 10th November to the 9th December, and we’re really excited for the launch of her new film ‘Travelling Home’ later this month in London. More on this soon.

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