Folded Zine Overview and Issue 5 ‘Reflection’

Folded Zine reflection

As many of you may be aware by now, Folded Zine, supported by GPLD and The FOLD, are about to release their fifth issue centred around the theme of reflection. For those who are unfamiliar with Folded Zine, it was created during the height of the pandemic and restrictions of 2020. It was created by and for young people in Kendal and the South Lakes – a space to share, connect and uplift.

Hannah Kessler, Co-Founder of Folded Zine said “The idea behind the online zine is to show the work of, and build a community of, writers, artists, actors, musicians and makers alike. We think it’s time the mic was passed to the creators of the rural north. A common misconception is that people who live in cities are in some way more sophisticated and creative than those who live in the country. We’ve created this community to show what mainstream media tends to miss.” Folded Zine was created to empower and develop skills including creative producing, business and finance, fundraising, marketing, design, web development and more.

Since they started Folded Zine, they’ve had five issues (Connections, Identity, Space and Landscape, Movement and Reflection) with over 26 contributors plus a collaborative exhibition of their fourth issue ‘Movement’ from November to December 2021.

After the fifth issue is released, Marisa and Hannah are taking a short break to work on developing Folded Zine further and reimagining the possibilities so they can continue to develop connections between young artists and create a network of young creatives in the Lake District.

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