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If you’ve been out and about in Skipton over the past couple of years you may have noticed more and more colourful murals popping up in unexpected places such as down Hallam’s Yard, Hardcastle’s Yard and at Stanforth’s Butchers, as well as the unmissable artwork at Albion Place around the back of the Town Hall and Pizza Express.

Fresh Perspective have been busy bees brightening up the streets of Skipton as part of their Community In Colour project funded by HAZ and Historic England along with a few private commissions. Their aim is to bring colour and joy to Skipton by interpreting the history of a building or area and reimagining it in a colourful, creative way so people of all ages can engage.

As they are currently coming to the end of their project in Skipton they are hoping to expand outwards and create some colourful pieces in other areas around Craven and North Yorkshire, working to bring joy through colour to communities and highlight any historical milestones or talking points for new generations to interact with and appreciate.

To keep up with their work, give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram. There will be a full map and historical context webpage available soon so you can follow their mural trail around Skipton and learn something new!

If you are interested in getting involved with the project or even commissioning Fresh Perspective to brighten up your place, please get in touch at

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