From @wordsworthgrasmere today on what is the poet’s 250th b…

From @wordsworthgrasmere today on what is the poet's 250th b...

From @wordsworthgrasmere today on what is the poet’s 250th birthday: “Here in Grasmere, just over 200 years ago, William Wordsworth wrote ground-breaking poetry that he hoped would ‘live and do good’. In what ways does his poetry ‘live and do good’ today?
Wordsworth calls for us to reconnect with nature. For Wordsworth, our true selves can be rediscovered through a life lived more closely with nature, by allowing ourselves ‘to see, to think and feel’. His poetry encourages us to slow down, to notice – to live with a ‘heart that watches and receives’. He asks that we show empathy for others. Wordsworth wrote about marginalised members of society: the homeless, beggars and people with disabilities. His poetry urges us to look beyond our usual circles and show empathy for others, reminding us that ‘we have all of us one human heart.’ Wordsworth encourages us to nurture our creative imagination. In his poetry he states that ‘there are in our existence spots of time’. These are ordinary moments that take an extraordinary turn, leading unexpectedly to powerful feelings of fear or joy. Wordsworth says that these experiences happen to us all, and become part of the makeup of who we are, developing our imaginations. These moments form the heart of his most-loved poetry.”
We are so fortunate to have Wordsworth Grasmere continuing to share Wordsworth’s incredible work from here in the Lakes and Dales. Follow them to be inspired every day of the year!
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