Guest Blog Post from Beatrice Benn: Filmmaker Highlight – Dawn Feather


Also known as ‘The Yorkshire Edit’, Dawn Feather has been working as a freelance filmmaker for 17 years within a variety of projects, ranging from music videos to commercials, and also worked on the popular local film Lad: A Yorkshire Story as co-editor. Alongside editing, Dawn also works as a documentary filmmaker and visual artist for a variety of projects, including museum work and educational purposes. In addition to this, Dawn is Associate Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University in film and television, and has taught film and stop motion animation for more than 20 years.

At the Rural Film Showcase, audiences had the pleasure of watching Dawn’s contemplative, artistic short entitled, A Dance of Hope which draws a connection between mental wellbeing and dancing. The film was commissioned by wellbeing charity, Curious Motion, in West Yorkshire, and provides a personal, touching insight into one woman’s struggles with mental wellbeing. Shot with stylised visuals, the film shifts from black and white to colour as a sense of optimism is ultimately felt.

A selection from Dawn’s video series, Memories, also featured on the night. Utilising her favoured documentary-style filmmaking and personal narratives, the videos are centred around memories of five elderly people from North Yorkshire. The conversational voice-over accompanied by striking visuals of mostly natural landscapes and animals, reinforces the naturalistic lens of Dawn’s filmography.

More information can be found on Dawn’s website and Instagram page: &

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