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We’re on the hunt for Lakes and Dales hidden gems, the unused or unusual spaces from Skipton to Grasmere and everywhere in between, which could be used differently as part of our creative work to highlight our area’s uniqueness.

We’d love to hear from anyone with their suggestions. It will all be part of our major placemaking festival, planned for early 2020 and there are more ways of getting involved too:

Placemaking Working Group – steer the development of the festival by sitting on one of our social working groups. We’re looking for interested people to help shape the event.

Creative champions – we want to meet with younger people who love living in the area who would like to tell their story to help us market our great place to potential new residents. Get in touch if you know someone who fits the bill and look out for one of our next meet-ups which take place across the GPLD area every six weeks.

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To find out more contact or call 01756 706207 to speak with Manon or Lindsey, we’d love to have your input!

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