My Internship Journey: Exploring the world of creative consultancy

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I am a Masters’ student at the University of York majoring in International Business and Strategic Management. Originally from India, I started looking for an internship even before I came to the UK this September. That’s when I came across an opening with the Artery.

What attracted me to the project was how different and unique the company is and the opportunity to be able to put my theoretical business knowledge from my course into practical use.  I’ve always been curious about how companies make strategic decisions, navigate complex market landscapes, and adapt to ever-changing consumer demands. My passion for research and the dynamic world of business operations is what initially drew me to this project.

With a few doubts about the field but a lot of excitement, I applied for this business research internship. After a round of interviews by Karen and Lindsey (GPLD Programme Manager), I was offered the role of a Business Research Assistant. I couldn’t be happier!

My first day of work included an in-person induction by Karen, where I got to understand the current stance of the Artery and the roadmap for the next few months. The idea of moving the Artery’s client base to bigger businesses and frame a new business model for the same seemed challenging but is important for its sustainability.

My role includes scoping out the business environment in North Yorkshire, looking at competition and comparators, exploring and recommending a commercial and scalable model for The Artery going forward.

Additionally, I will also be looking at potential business structures, potentially apps, and financial models for the company.

My internship experience will not only allow me to contribute to meaningful research projects but also to learn from experienced professionals in the field. I am looking forward to having the privilege of collaborating with a dedicated team, and to get some mentorship for my future.

Extremely thrilled for the journey. I look forward to sharing more insights and learning experiences with you in the future through this newsletter.


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