Nature Matters at the Yorkshire and North East Film Archive

Nature Matters screenshot 3

Nature Matters is a Heritage Lottery Funded project, which is looking at the film archive from an environmental lens. The project involves digitisation, engagement and events and contemporary collecting where they are looking for digital film content from the last twenty years with eco themes.

They have just created a new 17 minute short film ‘Nature Matters’ with the Cinema and Social Justice Project and York Business School. It is a film that is framed as a love letter to nature and a call to action, it speaks across generations, using over a century of archive footage to remind us of our innate relationship with the natural world.

GPLD have been working with the Film Archive to promote the project and will be screening the film and other films from young local filmmakers with a people powered cinema at Skipton HAZ’s wrap up event at Skipton Town Hall on the 30th March (more details coming soon). If you would like to screen the film yourselves or talk about how you could get involved in the project do let us know on

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