Review of Phase One

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While we may be looking forward to our Nurturing Creativity project and beyond, it’s important we look back and critically appraise what we achieved in phase one of the Great Place: Lakes and Dales programme and share our learning.

Through initiatives such as the Play Work Stay residential, Innovate Your Offer workshops and A Future for Culture cultural democracy learning programme, we have offered group and individual support and guidance, developing knowledge and confidence to help young people connect, create and sustain skills for future careers and wellbeing.

Projects supporting and connecting with young people such as The Fold, Folded Zine, Fresh Perspective and our Branching out and Acorn funding scheme have provided real opportunities to develop new work and shape practice, as we continue to encourage collaborations to champion the value of creative careers for growth and recovery.

We continue to promote diversity, providing digital platforms and leading on new working groups so young people are heard and represented in rural cultural communities. These long-term relationships and networks of young creative champions are already steering our legacy. Ultimately supporting the wellbeing and productivity of new and emerging creative communities whilst strengthening existing culture and heritage initiatives.

Many of the original high-level programme aims have been achieved and we have laid some great foundations to inspire future projects. Some of the key outcomes, consolidated by feedback in our value of change workshops, comprise of young people feeling involved, included and empowered; better creative and multidisciplinary partnerships and networks (and more of them); more young people aware, signposted to and progressing into creative careers and an increased sharing of new practice, ideas and creativity.

All of our learning from phase one will inform our ongoing planning and is being integrated into the delivery of our current projects including Nurturing Creativity to help ensure we continue to encourage change in the Lakes and Dales and champion young voices.

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