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The Business Spa day, being held at Skipton Town Hall, is a chance to refresh how you feel about your business. The day will be fun, full of creative activity, with opportunities to really focus on your business and the stories that you tell.

There will be lots of practical skills to take away, including a photography session with the fabulous Juliet Klottrup.

We’ll be looking at our business personas, what we love about our work and what our clients love about us.

We’ll look at the stories we tell about our businesses. And how we tell them…

Leo Devine former Head of Regions and Nations at BBC will give us an insight into creating great films to tell our stories on websites, social media or through broadcast news. His session will look at how to shoot professional films using your smart phone. He will share a bit of the theory and then provide the opportunity to try out your new practical skills.

And there’s the opportunity to meet with likeminded people, meet new contacts and have a great time. You’ll barely notice the businessy bits (but they’ll stick with you!).

We are looking to grow The Artery network so this opportunity is open to those wishing to learn from and with a creative business group.

Click here to register your interest. The Artery is delivered by Innovate Educate Ltd in collaboration with Great Place: Lakes and Dales.

The Artery works in the spaces where businesses, creatives and culture overlap. This is based on our firm belief that the three sectors can learn from and with each other.

The Artery offers:

  • Peer2Peer support networks
  • Training for earlycreative career professionals
  • Creating business models for cultural organisations
  • Bringing arts and culture into new settings to benefit communities.

Our Peer2Peer support programme for creatives in Craven supported the group to:

  • Work on rather than in the business. They also appreciated workshops showing how they could apply business skills.
  • Explore business identity (branding, values, service level agreements, identifying and managing clients, ambitious plans for growth)
  • Analyse business models, exploring products, productivity and managing client relationships
  • Harness the insights and talents of the group for mutual support
  • Examine the niche of personal story telling (creatives forming strong relationships with clients to help them share their business stories)
  • Identify the potential for growth in all businesses. Creative businesses have the potential to be scalable in different ways to more traditional businesses
  • Address the isolation that affects many sole traders, an issue felt much more acutely in Craven during the pandemic.

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