Why a Film Festival?

Hinterlands Festival will be coming to Skipton from 16 to 19 May. Brought here by Wild Rumpus, it will be a chance to experience something new in places familiar to local residents as well as attracting new people to entirely new experiences.

So is it just a lot of films at the local cinema? Well our beloved vintage cinema is very much a part of it but lots of other places are involved too. In fact, 22 films will be showing at 8 venues across the town:

Aireville Park will play host to a special screening of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom inside an army marquee as well as hosting The Lost Horse Saloon – a barn dance with a difference.

Skipton Castle will open its medieval Chapel doors to host the 50th anniversary screening of Kes. Behind it in Skipton Castle Woods you can go on a free, wild adventure inspired by The Wilderpeople which screens at Plaza Cinema on the Friday night. This imaginative trail from The Woodland Trust will give adventurers the chance to spot original artworks.

There’ll be a floating cinema on the Leeds Liverpool canal which is at the heart of the town as well as a folk night and film quiz at local pub, The Narrowboat.

Festival Central (including the Box Office) will be located at Belle Vue Square – ordinarily reserved for people visiting the district council it’ll be taken over by a walkabout theatre, bar and food vendors.

So as you can see, there’s a lot planned and it really does showcase the best of Skipton, so why are we doing it?

Great Place Lakes and Dales exists because although the current local economy is fairly strong we need to make it more resilient for future generations. We have 44% fewer 16-34 year olds living here than the national average and that needs to change.

Film is a universal experience that people of all ages love and this is reflected in the variety on offer at Hinterlands. Film and cinema were also cited in our research as one of the top things to do for younger people living in this area. The experiences programmed will hopefully inspire local residents getting involved to share the good time they are having in real life and on social media – showing other people how varied, exciting and cultural living here can be.

A film festival is also a great way of attracting more people to the area. This helps the economy in the short term by enabling local businesses to fill accommodation, sell food, drink and products. In the longer term we hope those visiting may think of Skipton as a place to move to, set up a business or find work.

Finally, we hope Hinterlands will encourage younger people who are already here. Whether inspiring them to make their own film or find out more about one of the many subjects raised. One film, Lambing Season, has been written and directed by Jack Benjamin Gill, originally from Skipton, with high-profile organisations such as Channel 4 moving North, there’s never been a better time for young people in this area to develop skills in film, production and media.

So come and support it, tell your friends about it and let’s make Skipton’s inaugural Hinterlands Festival something to remember. After all the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) contributed over $180 million to that city’s economy, so Film Festivals really do make communities stronger!

What are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know by tagging us on social media, using #gpld and #hinterlands

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