Emily Wilson

Name: Emily Wilson

Role: Creative Consultant

Where is your Great Place within the Lakes and Dales and why?
I’m not sure I can pin it down to one place! I love all the wide open spaces, there is something about them that is good for the soul. So maybe on one of the hills, with views as far as you can see.

Who, what or where inspires you?
People inspire me. The ideas people have – especially groups of people passionate about something – never cease to amaze me. I love that there are always new ideas to be thought up.

What’s your ideal day?
I have two daughters, aged two and five, so a day outside with them. Lots of running around, a picnic, climbing trees and plenty of beautiful views… finished off with a hot chocolate.

Favourite event or place of interest in the Lakes and Dales?
I have a few! I really like it at Malham Cove, the limestone pavement is a marvel, if a little bonkers. And Ribblehead viaduct is special, the way its nestled in the landscape, like it somehow grew there. Then there are great towns and villages too, Kendal has a real buzz to it and I love the quirks of Settle.

Active or chilled (or both!)?
I like to run (it’s how I get my head space) and with two girls under the age of six, ‘chilled’ doesn’t really figure in our house, so I’d have to say ‘active’.

Hidden gem?
I think Great Place: Lakes and Dales is going to highlight some incredible hidden gems and I’m looking forward to uncovering them.

Emily Wilson
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