Lindsey Hebden

Name? Lindsey Hebden

Role? Programme Manager, I strategically manage and direct the delivery of the Great Place Lakes and Dales Programme.

Where is your Great Place within the Lakes and Dales and why? My family (past and present) who live here, they are my home.

Who, what or where inspires you? My husband; he makes me laugh every day, yoga (which is a bit of a dichotomy but it puts me in a place to be inspired) and travelling particularly Ibiza, but it’s the passion and creativity of the people I encounter that inspire me and I don’t really have to travel far to find these here!

What’s your ideal day? Lazy Sunday (they are few and far between at the moment but energetic fun packed cultural Sundays are also great too), lie in, Sunday papers, strong black coffee and freshly baked croissants (well usually from a packet and warmed in the oven!), walk (or potter in an art gallery or exhibition), late Sunday lunch, glass of red and a movie.

Favourite event or place of interest in the Lakes and Dales? There are way too many to mention, but most are dictated by my love of food. I’m currently really enjoying Slow by Wine (amazing small plates and the friendliest service), Steep and Filter next door (vegan café, do great coffee) in Skipton and Yard 46 in Kendal (lovely indoors and out) and Three Hares in Sedbergh (opening their new Black Bull hotel this summer. I can’t wait!). A recent find that I waited too long to try is the Courtyard Dairy near Settle and I also love cream scones by the river at Chesters in Ambleside followed by dinner and a nosey at their latest art collection at The Jumble Room. And when I’m not eating all that delicious food I love walks up Sharphaw, in Skipton Woods, down the canal and along the river in Austwick. I also love film, theatre and live music so Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal is always a great night, I loved Grassington Festival again this year and looking forward to the second year of Lakes Alive in September. But a favourite local place of all has to be a spot on the hills just above Carleton outside Skipton where you can see for miles and miles into what seems like an infinity of green rolling hills and fields. It’s breathtaking but sooo therapeutic to sit (with a picnic of course!) and enjoy.

Active or chilled (or both!)? Both if that’s possible, I even make lists in my sleep!

Hidden gem – Used to be the Box of Delights in Skipton which was a treasure trove of nostalgia I enjoyed from my childhood but after nearly 40 years this cherished institution finally closed a couple of months ago. However, the following weekend I discovered Wentworth Books in Sedbergh which is amazing and more like a ‘library’ than a ‘box’ with a tremendous collection, totally enthralling and a Great Delight!

Lindsey Hebden
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